Exchange 2007 Webcast Q&A log

Last week I did a couple of  Webcast on Exchange 2007 Here are the questions people asked and the answers.

Question: If one has 64 bit hardware running Windows 2003 32 bit and Exchange 2003 would it be better to wait until Windows 2008 is released at the end of the month before reformatting the server and installing a 64 bit operating system and Exchange 2007? In other words is Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007 better than Windows 2003 with Exchange 2007?

Answer: I don't know of any functionality in Exchange 2007 that would natively benefit - unless you're taking advantage of improvements to Clustering in WS2008. And security improvements. And new TCP/IP stack. On second thought... yeah - maybe WS2008 would be a good idea if you're going to have to re-create your server OS anyway.

Question: John's e-mail and blog:


Question: How can I bypass the Edge server to send email to external? Do I need create send connector or receive connector on the HUB server?

Answer: Not sure specifically. You might find your answer in this document on Configuring Edge Transport Server Connectors: It looks like you should be able to override the automatically configured Edge subscription. so, yes, it would be a new send connector.

Question: Can the transaction logs be located on another server or should be on the same server just another drive?

Answer: Same server, different drive. You wouldn't want to send them to another server that way - but you COULD let Exchange do that for you in the form of CCR. Check out the "High Availability" resources here:

Question: Ethical Firewall - Setting it up:

Answer: Exchange Team Blog article on creating transport rules to do this:

Question: LCR, CCR, Standby CR, and Single Copy Clusters:


Question: Can an LCR be directed to a NAS?

Answer: Absolutely. Exchange just points to it as if it were another local disk. Good solution.

Question: I don't know if this is relevant to this Webinar but where are the MX records set, ISP, Exchange?

Answer: They are done in DNS - so whoever is hosting your DNS domain "" would be able to enter MX records to point mail to go to whichever server is responsible for mail coming to your company.

Question: Can the exception to the transport rule be that when the message contains a certain other person, or list it is ok to send?

Answer: Yes.

Question: so when they figure out that emergency subject line will go through, holly will just send the insider information with that subject line! or pick up the phone and call Peter.

Answer: Exactly. 🙂 It's not going to keep people from talking if they really need to or want to talk. But it is simply a reminder and a way to help "encourage" people to follow the rules of business - in this scenario, anyway.

Question: Exchange 2007 Standard is only capable of 5 databases correct?

Answer: Correct. Here's the list of editions and their limitations. (NOTE: having a storage limit of 16 TERABYTES is not going to limit Standard too terribly. 🙂

Question: Exchange 2007 Anywhere Access:


Question: For reservation of resources (expuipment, room, etc..) can you restrict who can set up a reservation?

Answer: Yes you can. Check out this article on setting up resource calendars on the Exchange Team's Blog:

Question: you have an ethical firewall!! So you are not able to send email from Holly to Peter

Answer: Good catch!

Question: If peter tries to send a meeting request to Holly will it be denied.

Answer: You are right! Thanks!

Question: Can you create multiple users from AD in the console at once by selecting multiple users or do you have the use the power shell and write a script?

Answer: You would use the PowerShell for that.

Question: Can the management console be installed on 32 bit vista ultimate?

Answer: No. That isn't currently a supported configuration. The recommended workaround is to use a remote desktop connection to a server. See

Question: Is there a VHD for Ex Svr 2007?

Answer: Yes indeed!

Question: For the gentleman that asked about setting storage limit alert thresholds...

Answer: Storage Quotas:

Question: E-mails:

Answer: and

Question: Blogs:

Answer: and

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