A little Customer Service Please? or I will sue for $54 Millions.


We have heard of all of the multi-million dollar lawsuits for hot coffee and other ways people try to take it to big corporations. Most of these are just people trying to take advantage of a situation to get press and money out of a big company. Remember the guy that sued for $54 Million for his dry cleaning.  That story got a lot of press.  Normally I just ignore these, but one yesterday got my attention.


Yesterday I read an article about someone that used the same $54 Million, this time for a lost computer.  Apparently she took the laptop to Best Buy to get repaired and they "lost it" in the system somewhere.  She tried to work it out with them, got the run around and then got very frustrated so she sued for $54 Mil.  At first I just thought the article was one of those stories, but on MSNBC you can post your thoughts about the article, almost like a blog.  In the first day, that article got over 2000 postings. Amazing. So I started to read them.  No way did I read them all.  But they were very interesting. Many had similar stories with Best Buy or other companies and really wanted to get revenge. Many where in support of her or a class action suit against Best Buy.


Normally I think these things are frivolous but after reading the reactions First I think she had a point to make, and Best Buy has a HUGE customer Service issue.  What does it take to get a little customer service these days?  The Customer is always right!  Where did that go in Business these days?

What do you think?  Go read the article HERE and sample some of the comments.


Let me know by replying on this Blog....  You haven't left a comment in a while.

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