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2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide - Final Release Now Available!

November 2007..

Are your customers deploying the 2007 Office release? Help them secure it with the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide.

E-mail systems and desktop applications are essential collaboration and productivity tools for your customers.  Adversaries know this, and regularly target organizations using e-mail, documents, and spreadsheets as attack vectors.

As a result, your IT Pro customers are concerned about users opening the door to attackers by opening e-mail attachments, running macros, or using add-ins that contain viruses or other malware.

Here’s your chance to help your customers safeguard their e-mail and desktop applications—while keeping their users productive! Invite them to download the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide!

With hundreds of security and privacy settings, the 2007 Microsoft® Office release is the most secure version of Microsoft Office ever. To help customers quickly and easily deploy security configurations for Office across their organizations, the Solution Accelerators—Security and Compliance team has released the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide.

This Solution Accelerator provides your IT Pro customers with best practices and automated tools to help strengthen the security of computers running the 2007 Office release on Windows Vista™ and Windows® XP SP2.

Based on extensive, real-world experience from customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts, the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide lets your customers choose from two thoroughly tested, baseline security configurations.

Customers can easily tailor the configuration they choose, modifying security settings to accommodate their unique needs. And the included GPOAccelerator is a powerful tool that will help customers automatically deploy Group Policy security settings across their organization—in minutes, instead of hours or days.

The benefits for your customers include:
Comprehensive. The guide includes information on hundreds of security settings in the 2007 Office release, with recommendations for configuring each setting.

Saves time. Customers using Microsoft Security Guides and tools have reported up to an 80% reduction in their time to deployment.

More reliable. The GPOAccelerator eliminates most manual steps in the deployment process—so customers get more reliable results.

Easy to deploy. The guide makes it easy to deploy 2007 Office security settings across domain-based environments.

Thoroughly tested. All recommendations are tested in our labs, and verified by customers and partners under real-world conditions.

Integrated Solution. The 2007 Office Security Guide is designed to work with other Windows Vista Solution Accelerators such as the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment tool, Business Desktop Deployment, Windows Vista Security Guide, and Windows Vista Service Lifecycle Management.

The 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide is now available! To learn more about the guide, click here. And to share the guide with customers, just forward them this customizable e-mail—it includes a data sheet for the guide, and links to the download site.

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