Crazy IT PRO’s at Interop

I was working the booth this week at Interop convention in New York City.

Our marketing team had this new idea for a booth.  You know you have all been to conventions before, see the Microsoft booth, pods with PC's demoing the latest greatest products. It's fun, but sometimes not that exciting.  So they came up with something new. 1/2 the booth was the traditional setup. The other half was setup  like a lounge.  Real with a stage, tables chairs, soft couches cubes to sit on and everything.   It was called the WHO ARE YOU? booth.  On the stage we had a sign along machine, guitar, piano, everything.  They had hired a comedian/singer to be on stage with everyone.  We wanted to know about the IT Pros. What interest they had, who they really are besides just being an IT Pro.  My job was to get people up on stage to do something. We would then tape it (we had 3 film crews) and then put it up on the web here:  Go check it out.  The videos are so funny!  You can even upload your own. I know they will upload more, we go over 16 hours of tape!



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