IT Pro community and User Group Leads

As you know I am part of a team here at Microsoft that does presentation for IT Pros in the U.S.

We go under the title of TechNet Events.   I have always worked with User Groups.  Well in this years reorganization, I will have even more time to do that.  We are putting a much larger focus on community.  What is community you say?   User Groups that talk about IT Pro issues, MVP's, on line discussions, webcast, Chats, basically any forum that people get together and discuss IT Pro related issues.  You know Your community.   So I now cover the central US for this.   If you run a User Group, or know someone who does, let them know about me, we have all kinds of programs and resources that can help them.  Like we can help get a speaker for your meetings.  We can do training, or even live meeting presentations.   How do you get in contact with me and the other people that do this?  it's simple just email and we can help!

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