Interesting SQL fact


So I am in Seattle this week at the mother-ship getting some training. The event is called TechReady 5, it is for us people out in the field to get more technical training. It is our chance to get info on the new products that are coming, talking directly to the teams that are building the products.  Lot's of fun, but most things I can't talk about.  So I was attending a session on SQL 2008, you know that data base product we have has a new version coming out next year.  One of the presenters had July 23rd on his slide.  We thought that date was significant (beside being today's date) maybe something about the new version builds or something. He said it was significant, but not related to SQL 2008, but it related to old SQL.  See it was July 23, 2003 when the last security bulletin was released on SQL. It has been 4 years without ONE security update for SQL. That's amazing.  He then went on to detail how many security patches our database competitors have had in that same timeframe, some in the 100's of fixes. So I guess July 23 is important.  

Amazing things you find out at the conferences.

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