Worst call a parent can get

Friday I get that call that every parent of a teenaged driver hates to get: "Dad I have been in a bad car wreck".  It scares the crap out of ya. My wife got gray hair from it. I lost more of mine (going bald of course).     My son was about 45 miles from home were the wreck happened.  He was at a stop sign, thought he had time(because a car was turning) but a lumber truck hit him.  It is a very bad intersection. They have a new traffic light built for the intersection, but it is not turned on yet. (UGH!)  According to the sheriff several people have been killed at that intersection. I drove like crazy to get there.  He was OK, they didn't take him to the hospital, nothing broken, but the car was a total loss.  While we were loading the car on a wrecker, another wreck occurred almost crashing into us as we stood there.  We wanted to get out of there fast.

What do you do with Car's that are totaled?  It's gonna cost me for the towning and now $25 a day until I figure out what to do. I have started some research on line into car salvage, I found a website that you can put your car on and junk yards can bid on it.  Who knew?


Have you ever gotten that call from your kids? Share your stories.

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