Please come to Boston

Isn't that a name of a song?  Anyhow.  I have two more events left next month.  And one of them is near Boston.

June 5th in Nashua, NH and June 7th in Boston, MA.   The Boston event is actually in Farmingham, a suburb of Boston about 20 miles west of Beantown. 

Go to to find out details and go sign up.


We have very few people registered at this point.  I will be giving out great prizes including EVERYONE that attends will get a great new MS Press book "Windows Vista Security Guide" Ok supply is limited, but come on help me make them send a second truck with books.  I would love to fill the theatre to capacity!

I will be talking about Forefront Client security, SERVER 2008, and Vista Reliability.  Come out and check out the great information!!

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