America’s Cup

Ok I have to vent here for a minute.  You probably know I am a sailor, have been all my life.  Event if you aren't a sailor, you have to know and respect the traditions with this race. America owned this race for 132 years. Longest winning streak in ANY sport EVER!   It has some crazy rules. It's match racing, one team verse the other.  The LV (louis Vuitton) cup is the race of all the countries that want to challenge. Just one winner to go up against the defender of the cup.  The defender decides the venue. When the US own forever, it was in different boats always in New England.  We lost it in 1982 to Australia but won it back, then New Zealand had it for 2 times, then last time a new shocker of a team the Swiss won it.  They only hold the race every 2-4 years.  Switzerland doesn't connect to an ocean so they picked Valencia Spain to hold the race.

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I remember in 1982 waking up at 2 AM to watch the 15 minutes coverage that ESPN had back then.  Now on or the old OLN cable channel, they are covering all the races live.


In past challenges 4-5 US yacht clubs have sponsored entries.  Not this year.  Only one from the US. From the very small Golden gate yacht Club  Team BMW/Oracle.  Why only one team. Well it takes 100's of millions to do it now.  Testing, building several boats, 100 people living in host country practicing for 2 years.  it's gotten crazy.

They got BEAT bad last week and so now NO US team in the "America's Cup Race"!!!

First I am very saddened by this. US should own this.  But Larry Ellison of Oracle spent Millions of his own money to loose. I get just a small amount of satisfaction out of that. Yep he got to ride on the boat for that much money.  He is a well known sailor.   But they got Chris Dickson to be the skipper.  Not good in my mind. First he is from New Zealand, not American. He is cold as ice, ask any of the crew.    Match racing is all about the start. Extremely strategic, you will the start, the just stay in front of the other guy and you win.  Team Oracle/BMW got beat in a best of 9 by Italy.  Not just beat, Cremated!  They final match score was 5-1.  The US team NEVER lead at any mark rounding.  They only reason the own the one race is they got lucky and passed Italy right before the finish on one race.

My opinion why the US lost.   STARTS.  In match racing(I can speak from personal experience) you have to win the start of the race.  In the 5th race Team US got two fouls before the start of the race. You get one foul and it is basically over. You have do to a 360. That is turn the boat in a complete circle. Sounds simple, but these are 80 foot long boats, it takes a long time (30 seconds) to do a complete circle, and by then your competition is long gone.  You have to try extremely hard to get two fouls.  I have never seen it before.


Alright, I will stop venting.  Yes I will continue watching the races even though the US is not in them.   Next round is June 1st.  Italy verse New Zealand to find out who goes up against the Swiss.


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