SCOM 2007 Operations Manager Monitoring

I just did a webcast ITPROMGT -202 on System Center Operations Manager 2007 Monitoring, you can go download a recording of it at  search for me, today, or SCOM 2007.

As usual a bunch of questions were asked and my peer John Baker did a great job answering them during the webcast, here they are if you missed them:

Question: wouldn't this be referenced to the namespace. workflow around .net30

Answer: Are you talking about the Microsoft Enterprise Management Namespace? You can find the info here

Question: Are you going to show us who to establish these dependencies?

Answer: You should be able to find the info here

Question: why does the AD MP complain about not having three GC's. override is not working! Is there a process I can follow for this issue?

Answer: The rule in the AD MP is configured that way. You can modify the rule to be more relevant to your environment.

Question: I just converted the only spare server I have to a ForeFront Client Security Server with the MOM 2005 Client Monitor. Can System Center Operations Manager 2007 be hosted on that same server and will it in essence do an upgrade of the MOM 2005 that is already installed?

Answer: Not sure I completely understand the question. Is sounds like this is server is monitored by another MOM 2005 management server. So you'd be installing System Center on a MOM 2005 client. Doesn’t sound right. In any case the minimum system requirements are located here

Question: Do you have a document on the AD rule modify to relevant environments?

Answer: The Active Directory Management Pack Guide for Operations Manager 2007 is located here:

Question: Is there virtual lab for System Center?

Answer: Yes,

Question: Follow-up: Forefront Client Security includes MOM 2005 to monitor the health of the machines it deploys the antivirus and spyware clients to. I want to try System Center which overlaps with the Mom that comes with ForeFront and I want to use the same server that I installed the Forefront Server components on to host System Center are there problems?

Answer: If you’re asking can you update the MOM 2005 that comes with FCS to System Center, then the answer is no.

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