I found all of the Q&A logs

Here is another one from SQL webcast.


Question: What is John's email?

Answer: jweston@microsoft.com

Question: What is John's blog address?

Answer: blogs.technet.com/jweston

Question: which edition comes with SSIS ?

Private Answer: standard and Enterprise

Question: Related topic question, is it possible to have SQL Server #1 synchronize a DB with SQL Server #2? For redundant services in case SQL Server #1 goes down.

Private Answer: use SQL replication services

Question: It looks like SSIS has a lot of the capabilities of BizTalk and is much less expensive since it is built in to SQL. What are some of the attributes of a data transfer/ data transformation problem that are handled better by Biztalk than by SSIS?

Private Answer: I prefer SSIS, but that is a personal preference

Question: Is there a website we could go to later to get to this webcast again?

Private Answer: yes you will be sent a link in email tomorrow for it, go to the link for the webcast after tomorrow and you will be able to download it.

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