Dell Frustrates me!!


I generally like Dell. I have thought they make good machines for many years. I had a disappointment with them this morning.  Back 3 years ago or so I bought a couple of desktops with printers from them. The Printers were J740's. Nice little desktop inkjet printers.    I haven't been able to get them to work with Vista.  I emailed Dell back in early January and they said a printer driver would be out after Vista released. Well I contacted support this morning after not being able to find the driver.  I started a chat with one of their support reps.  He informed me that DELL will NOT have drivers for this printer and it WILL NOT work with Vista!!

check out the link he sent me.


He was very rude, so I saved the chat log. I asked to talk to customer service and never got there.

I am not sure I want to go buy a new Dell now for my daughter to take to college!

Maybe I am just over reacting, but it's still frustrating. Do you have any similar stories about Dell?

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  1. Linda Moore says:

    I bought new computers and paid an additional $500 for each computer for premium "next business day support". Unfortunately, according to Dell "next business day" doesn’t mean next business day. I ended up hiring a technical support person to trouble shoot my computer and to get the issue resolved.

    There were top of the line desktops and laptops and hardware wise, I have not had any complaints. My computers came with USB 1.1 instead of 2.0, even though 2.0 had been available for over a year. Unfortunately, there was no information about USB on the order form on the web.

    However, I refuse to do business with companies that deploy deceptive business practices.

    I am probably not going to pay for extended technical support. Instead, I will probably build my next computer or have someone build it for me to my specifications.

    My research indicates that it will also be cheaper than the prices that I have been paying Dell.

  2. Linda Moore says:


    Michael Dell has just initiated a new website yesterday, Feb 16, at

    Go take a look and post your problem and suggestion there.

    He is looking for input from customers, critics, bloggers, Dell’s employees, everyone on what needs to be done to make Dell better. Different people have already posted ideas.

    All ideas start at the 10 level and if you click the approve button, then that specific post moves up in the rankings. There is a link for the most popular suggestions and the most recent. There is also a link for what actions Dell is taking on which suggestions.

    Warning:  Writing a comment for a suggestion is NOT a vote for that suggestion.

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