Billions and Billions


No not the old Carl Sagan statement about the stars. I am talking Money. Remember when $1 Million was a lot of money?

Last night Microsoft released our earnings for the last 90 days.  12 Billion in Sales and some 2-3 Billion in profit depending up on if you can the deferral of revenue to next quarter.

So what's 1 billion $?  I think it is 1000 Million, right?  so what will $1 billion buy ya?

A new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys.

New Terminal "D" at DFW airport.

1000 million dollar mansions in California (OK small houses out there.)

Or say 10,000  $100,000 starter houses in a Dallas suburb.

What else does a Billion buy these days?

Thinking about a Billion is hard to do,  Microsoft is now almost making that much profit a month. And if we are going to hit $50Billion in sales this year(as some people predict). That's almost $1Billion in sales a WEEK!

it makes a Million seem very small.


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