Novell Religion

Novell Religion

I have met several people here that are religious about Novell. They love Everything RED!  I am not going to try to change their minds.  It is not worth the time.

I am in the keynote here at GWAVACON and a Novell VP of marketing is talking.  He is discussing the November 2 partnership with Microsoft.  Most of Novell’s customers, partners, and developers like the partnership. The only people that don’t like it is Novell’s open source community.

Marketing budget came up.   Man do they have envy.  Especially envy of Microsoft and Apple.   He then said Novell has 1.6 Billion in the bank.  Maybe they should spend some of that on marketing.  Maybe they should use the new MS partnership on marketing.   Then they talked about viral marketing like this blogging.  The Novell VP had a blog but stopped posting.  Here I am blogging about it and I know 1000’s of people will read this….  Here I am giving positive coverage for them for free..

 By the way, both presenters were using Powerpoint and Windows XP to do their presentations....

More later.

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