24 Hours of Exchange Webcast

Go check this out:

The first one was last Friday, I helped with questions, man you guys have a bunch of questions about Exchange 2007. Go find out more!!


TechNet Webcast Series: 24 Hours of Exchange Server 2007

Get a comprehensive look at Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with the new "24 hours of Exchange" series. Our Exchange experts cover in-depth topics such as deployment and migration, the new Exchange Management Console and Shell, Unified Messaging, high availability, and security, providing you with the tools and knowledge that help optimize your Exchange Server environment. Whether you are currently administering Exchange Server or looking to migrate to Exchange, you do not want to miss these webcasts. This series runs through April 14th, 2007. This month’s webcasts: Integration of Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory (January 19), Exchange 2007 Transport and Routing Architecture (January 24), Planning Exchange Server Installation (January 26), Installing Exchange Server 2007 (January 31).

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  1. Hi John:

    I attended the session last Friday and this series looks really great. Unfortunately, the user experience (UX) in registering for the series reminds me of Dante’s Inferno.

    For example, if I register for even one of the series of 24, I am immediately taken to a “Register Online” page. If I click on that, I am taken to a passport sign-in page. If I fill in the requested data I am taken to an “Event Registration” page. If I fill in the requested data, I am taken to a “Thank You For Registering!” page, where I can download a calendar reminder if I want to. Since I want to add the event to my calendar I click “Add a reminder to your calendar for this event.” That opens a File Download Window which lets me open or save an ical file. If I click “Open,” an “Appointment” window in Outlook opens and is pre-populated. I then make minor modifications and hit “Save and Close.”

    In my case, if I want to register for another of the 24 sessions, I return to my still open http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/tnexchangeserver.mspx window and repeat the process.

    At this point, I have done seven clicks to register for and insert a reminder in Outlook for a single webcast. If I register for all 24 sessions, I need to complete 168 clicks and spend a considerable amount of time doing that – and that is before I have watched one minute of the series.

    Why isn’t there a choice to register for all 24 webcasts in this series at once? For example,  if I want to register for the SBSC 70 – 282 Exam Prep series (http://www.msreadiness.com/promotiondetails.asp?promoid=5574&referrer=rn), and choose “Register Now” it takes me to http://www.msreadiness.com/wscart.asp, shows all five webcasts in the series and with one click, I am registered for all five.

    For another example, if I use the Monthly Event Calendar for the Longhorn beta over on the connect site, it allows me select and download all the relevant ical files I need at one time?

    It seems to me that this issue with registering for a series with a single click should be a very simple fix? Am I missing something here?

  2. jweston says:


    you are correct about the registration process.  I am sorry for that and I have forwarded your comment on to the people that own that process.  Keep giving us feedback. We want to fix it.

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