Excitement for Launch builds

January 30th is they day they will be availble to the public.  They being Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007.   Our team Microsoft Across America does seminars for many different customer segments in the US.  We will be doing Launch events in 59 cities over 6 weeks starting TUESDAY.  An amazing amount of work has gone into getting ready for these events, from content, to venues, to what we will give away, every little detail.   We hope to reach something like 80,000 people in 6 weeks. That's in person, no some 10,000 people downloading a webcast or something. I am so pumped and ready. I meet people everyday that haven't seen Vista yet. I show them a couple of things and they are usually blown away. It's not always the same feature that gets everyone, but usually after 10 minutes of showing it to them, They are saying WOW, when is that available.....  We are counting down the days now. Usually the flip 3D or power off sleep mode, or new media player gets them. Or even security things like the 2 way fire wall, or the parental control, or really understanding what UAC is all about(OK thay only works on the IT Geeks like me in the room), but I haven't had a chance yet to demo to a large crowd the new Ultimate Extras including DreamScene.  See the last few post about how much I have played this week with this new feature.  I have shown it to a few people in one offs (hey come look at this kinda stuff) and they are just floored.  I want to hear what a crowd of 500 people seeing it for the first time will do!!

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.  January 16th, our first launch events is almost here. I will be in Memphis for the opening day. If you are in town come see us!  www.microsoft.com/business/launch2007    Counting down the hours!

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