Gaming and Vista and DreamScene


So the other day I looked at the games on Vista. Chess, that's cool. You have to go experience the interface.  My 6 year old loves to play it now. "Daddy can we put  that Vista stuff on all the computers in the house?"  He asked?  I guess I need to go buy some more ram for the older boxes.

Yesterday I played a bunch with the new Vista Ultimate Extras.  This will be a new way of Microsoft delivering future features. It's only available on the Ultimate edition of Vista. By the way I saw on yesterday they have the Ultimate upgrade from XP for under $250. Not bad.   The way Ultimate Extras will work is when you check windows update(built into the OS now, not a website.) it will offer you Addons to your operating system.  One of the first ones out there is Texas Hold'em, yep the card game. I love to watch it on TV. All these guys think they are smarter than everyone else and gonna win, some forget LUCK is also involved. Sure you might be the best player in the world, but Luck can still get ya.  The game is appropriately named, from the wonderful state I am from!! I will be playing Hold'em all the time now on the airplane!!

The other Ultimate Extra I have been playing with is this DreamScene.  It is so cool, I have to show it to everyone I see.  First sample looping video is of this Raccoon.  Now my desktop is looking back at me and moving, crazy!   I took some videos that we shot recently of my oldest son sailing and put them in DreamScene (any WMV file will work) and now he is sailing all day across my desktop, under the icons.  Remember when we thought it was so cool to change your wallpaper to a picture.  The future looks amazing for Extras, we could all all kinds of features to the OS. What kinds of Extra would you like????

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  1. nim says:

    hi john,

    all kinds of things! for example an application that is constantly syncing all my stuff onto one of those sideshow devices, so whatever music is on my pc, is also  on the sideshow “player”.. or maybe a small thingy showing my systems current status in 3d on the desktop background… like moving bars or something else creative 🙂

    as you said, could be anything…



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