Strange weather

We have been having all kinds of strange weather across the US.  3 major snow storms in Denver, Snow and wind in Seattle, Drought in Texas, and No snow in NYC and 70's in January.  What's up with all of this crazy weather?   Well I heard a great quote yesterday.  It came from David Letterman.... "You know about all of this crazy weather we have been having.  It seems to have all started when we 'Kicked' Pluto out of the solar system."   I love that quote!!   I don't get that many comments on my blog.  If you read it out there. drop me a note.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s great! Leave it up to David Letterman!

    Here on the Western Slope of Colorado (Grand Junction, Montrose, etc.), we are this close to breaking an all time record of the snowiest year ever. Some people think that because it’s Colorado, the whole state is covered in snow from October to April, but here on the western slope, it’s actually pretty arid. We haven’t received near the snow that Denver has, but it has still been a lot for here.

    I’m actually rather tired of it – and we’ve got more on the way this weekend. Although, I have to admit, the last two storms I have had my 4 wheel drive hub lockers backwards, so I’ve been driving around in 2 wheel drive (thinking I’m in 4) and getting really frustrated as to how slippery it has been.

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