Begging and pleading in NYC, Tampa and Phoenix

I get strange email everyday, but this one topped it yesterday.  We got an email from our "corporate" team that says, our launch events start next Tuesday January 16th.  All looks good on registration but three cities. I just can't believe that the people in New York City, Tampa(ok, maybe they are at the beach) and Phoenix (What else is there to do in the Desert in the Winter?)  aren't signing up like crazy to come to our events next week.    These are what we call KCE or Key City Events.  Big shows, important people there, lot's of fun, and great give aways.  remember from my post on Friday, EVERYONE who attends gets a copy of Office Pro 2007!, Yep Free, just for showing up. So per that strange email I have blogged about it now. Go prove me right that we get 100,000's of readers out there, call up your friends in these citys, beg them, plead with them to go to these events so I don't have to get any more crazy email.  By the way, go sign up for the launch events here:   Tell the John Sent ya!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cold in Tampa so no beach unfortunately 🙁

    I’ll be there though 🙂

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