The show must go on.

I am presenting in Memphis, TN on Tuesday of next week.  8 days from now. If you want to come see me   But here is something interesting.  It is suppose to be sunny, but cool in Memphis a week from now.  The problem is, in Dallas, where I live, they are predicting ICE and SNOW this weekend, thru Monday.  I am suppose to fly out Monday to Memphis.  So several of us presenters have been discussing today possibly flying out early to miss the storm.  The worst thing would be to miss the show. I think we have 1000 people coming to the launch event in Memphis.  I could see it now.....  We have to cancel the show due to bad weather????  But it's sunny?  Oh the presenter lives in the worst weather place in the world in the winter...... Texas..  where they don't understand snowplows, salt, or how to drive in anything slippery.  The bad weather is to start Friday night, so it is crazy to think of flying Friday or Saturday for an event on TUESDAY.   It's the little things in life that make us think......  As they always say..... The Show Must go on!  I have to be there...

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