The coolist thing someone did for me this week.

I was in Alabama covering events for my buddy Blain Barton who is in Hawaii this week.  We had a college gig scheduled at University Alabama Birmingham, and a TechNet event the day after in Birmingham.  I was asked to fit in a User Group meeting in Huntsville, about 100 miles away. I agreed. and make arrangements with Lori McKinney the group leader about what she wanted me to talk on, etc.  She read my personal blog at and learned that I am trying to lose weight by exercising and eating right.   Sometimes when you speak at a user group they will give the presenter a little give to show their appreciation.  Lori made me a very nice fruit basket.  She new I wouldn't eat the Pizza they were having that night at the user group and new I had a bunch of driving to do, so she put together healthy food that I could eat on the road.  How thoughtful!  Alabama isn't my normal territory, but I would love to go back and work with that group again. They were wonderful and Thanks Lori for being so kind!

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