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The last two wednesdays I have been doing parts of a 10 part Webcast series called Agility Now.  It's a great webcast series. I was going to post here the Q&A log from those webcast, but NO ONE asked any questions.  I can't believe how quite the crowd was. We had some really great topics including how/why to setup Active Directory, Group Policies, and MY new favorite "MIIS"  You would think one of those would have drawn any questions.   But no.  Go out and sign up for the series at and look at the webcast calendar.   You will see the Agility series at 9AM PST every wednesday.  If you missed one of the first 3 sessions, go register and you can download the previous webcast to view on demand.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just started to listen/watch today and I hope to be caught up for next week.  You are very thorough.  I’m not sure why others aren’t Asking questions.  As I absorb info, I’ll come up with questions.  The other reason I don’t have questions yet is because I haven’t started implementing.

    Here’s one: I’m not clear as to what situations I would use MIIS vs AD.  I’ll listen again.  Perhaps I missed it.


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