Vista ReadyBoost

So yesterday I was playing around with Vista.  I wanted to try the new ReadyBoost Feature that allows a USB memory stick to help boost the performance of Vista.  I went to Fry's and purchased a 2 Gig stick It said "fast USB 2.0" but no other specs on the box.  I tried it and Vista reported that it was not fast enought.   I did some looking around and came across this blog:

Great info that Tom has on his blog about ReadyBoost.  I took the USB memory stick back to Fry's (yes that's a fun process) and paid $5 more for the same brand but XL version of the memory stick, 200X speed, not 50X.  It worked. It has been great at speeding up my new Lenovo T60P laptop. This is one rockin laptop.  Due Core T2500 2.0 speed processors, 2 Gig(hopefully 3-4 soon) of Ram, 2 7200rpm 100Gig drives, and the 2.0 gig of Readyboost now. This thing even has the Verizon wireless card built in, hopefully we can turn that on soon.

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