TechNet Subscription announcements

I was in a meeting this morning with Scott Stout, PM for the TechNet Subscriptions and he gave us the OK to talk about these new features that are coming out August 1st about TechNet Subscriptions.

First the standard subscription is going away.  Don't worry, most everyone has plus and Now you really need Plus!  Did you ever want TechNet, but not the DVD's yep, you can get that now for $349 a year. No longer do you have to wallpaper your bathroom with the last year's worth of DVD's or CD's.  Remember you still get 2 support calls ($490 US value) for your plus subscription, so that alone is worth it.  You still get all the free (not timebombed) server products to test or for learning purposes.  Great stuff!!  Now even better!

There will be a new subscription only Portal coming out soon. Yea!!

So right now go put yourself a reminder to check this site August 1st.   Tell your friends!

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