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I know most of you want to be at TechEd this week. But the reality is that most of you aren't there.  Only a very small percentage of the IT pro's in the world get a chance to go to TechEd.   One way to get part of what is presented at TechEd is to come to one of our TechNet Events.  We go to almost 200 cities in the US.   To find out more go to You can see when we are coming to your town.  For example I will be in Corpus Christi and Houston Texas the last week of June.  This isn't my normal territory, I will be covering for another presenter that covers Texas.  This month we are talking about Security.  Wireless Security and Prevention/detection of Hacking.  Come see what our events are all about.  I will be back up in New England starting August 8th in Boston!

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