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As many of you know I also do Webcast. Our IT Pro webcast team just came up with this new way to view webcast.

Go see the "beta" of this at:

Just launched the pilot edition of the “Best of TechNet Webcasts”. 

This 15-minute webcast is a compilation of some of the best content the program has to offer in a given month, in short segments. 

The objective of the project is to introduce IT Pros to TechNet webcasts by giving them a quick introduction to valuable content and the webcast experience, with no registration required.

Blurb:  In 15 min, check out the Best of TechNet webcasts for May 2006.   IT Professionals can learn about Security in Windows Vista, SQL Server 2005, How to troubleshoot a slow network, and a tip about optimizing Exchange Server 2003.  You’re busy.  Here’s the good stuff fast. 

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