Port 25 way cool

I ran across this yesterday.  Port25 from TechNet really cool, you have to check out this website:




> Summary:

> "Port 25 is open. The people, insights, and analysis from the

> Microsoft Open Source Software Lab"


> On April 6 during Bill Hilf’s keynote at Linux World Boston, the Linux

> compete team will be launching a new community oriented Microsoft.com

> property targeted primarily at IT Implementers (ITI’s) who prefer

> Linux/OSS. The goal of the site is to build a community around the

> Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft wherein technical personas and

> evidence from the lab will be presented and discussed in an open and

> transparent fashion. The goal is to drive key messages designed to

> move perceptions with respect to platform differentiations and dispel

> Linux/OSS myths.


> NOTE: While Port 25 will contain content relating to Linux, Open

> Source and Unix. This site in no way replaces or acts as a substitute

> for the Get the Facts campaign. Get the Facts is, and remains, an

> important and primary marketing vehicle with respect to changing IT

> professional perceptions around our key pillars, namely Reliability,

> Security, & TCO.


> URL: http://port25.technet.com

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