wow it has been too long. Airplanes,TechNet, and Family….

I thought my last posting was last week sometime... It couldn't have been all the way back in October.

My how time flys.  I could bore you with all that has been going on the last several weeks, but most would not find that very interesting.  So instead I will cover a couple of topics I have been concerned about:

Airline industry, New TechNet subscriptions, Spending time with Family this holiday season.

The Airline industry is just plane messed up.  Delta leaving Dallas, and Southwest wanting to fly to all over the country from Love Field (Which I am in favor of for competition in Dallas) are just symptoms of much bigger problems. The last two days I flew 4 flights, yep connections to save $1K, flying on little RJ planes(did I tell you how much I hate them, begin a "large person")  It's just wrong.  Pricing flights the way it is currently done.  I flew Delta, because American wanted $1,400 to get where I wanted to go from DFW to Richmond, VA  I don't think they should charge $1,400 to fly anywhere in the US. The planes are full, it can't cost that much.  But "I" used much more fuel to fly me indirect connecting cities, just to save money?  I also had not flow Delta too much lately.  Man do they have customer service issues.  All there employees got 30% pay cuts, and it shows in there attitudes towards customers. My sister-in-law works for Delta and her job got eliminated, so she now has to take a "counter" job to keep employed with the company, but that is another story for another day.  I also have very good friends that are Pilots for Delta.  They are really feeling it these days.  More later on the plane biz.

TechNet subscriptions.  I don't know how many people are aware that the TechNet Plus subscription changed back in November. Do you realize for $529 what all you get.  You get a copy of almost (okay not everything like Visual Studio) Microsoft server product there is..  Yep full working copies, not time bombed.  They are liscensed for testing purposes, not for production. Please make sure you use them in accordance with the liscense agreements.  Now with the Plus subscription you also get two PSS support calls. These calls usually cost $200+ each so the subsciption is worth it for those two calls alone.  You still get all the white papers, KB knowledge base, etc.  To find out more

Holidays and Family. It is very important to spend quality time with family this time of year. It's about quality. Way to many times we stress out about it.  We need to just enjoy each other's company.  I am very blessed with the family I have.  Both of my grand mothers are still alive in there upper 90's.   One of them is very sick.  In the last week her health had taken a downturn.  I just have this feeling she will not make it though the holidays.  There must be some statistic on how old people survive until the holidays and then give up. Don't they have anything to look forward too? Or is it the stress of the holidays that puts them over the edge.  In the last couple of days I have heard of two other familes that have relatives that are very ill this time of year.  It makes me sad.  Three years ago we lost my wife's oldest brother right around Christmas.  It just took all of the fun out of the holidays.  So it makes me reflect on the holidays (Which ever one you celebrate), enjoy the day, the relationships with family, the memories, and the traditions.  Please don't let the stresses of the day confuse the purpose of being together. Count your blessings for the moments you have with your family.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.




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