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Being up here in the Northwest, they are focused on Mt. St. Helens.  Check out www.king5.com  They have a link to a live webcam of the mountain, and a live webcam on the seismo meter to watch earthquakes.   On TV here they keep showing pictures of "hot Lava" up in the dome.  It's building new mountain and a very fast rate.

Should I sail this weekend?  Sunfish that is.  My son and I both have Sunfish sailboats.  There is a local race at www.rcyc.org  they should have a great turn out of boats and it is one of the last races of the year.  But next weekend we are going to Corpus Christi to race. Any sailors out there?

Travel day again.  I am leaving this afternoon to go home to Texas.  American is now out of the new terminal at SeaTac airport.  It is a major hike from security to the new "A" gates.  I hope to be home tonight before my kids have to go to bed.  I hate traveling east.  I love coming out to the west but I hate the trip home.

I watched White Squall on HBO,  I just love that movie.  I know it's sad, people die, but I truely think the sea is my calling.  I will get there someday.  It's not just a romatic thing, I just feel at home on the water.  Land just doesn't feel right for me.

Another sailing topic.  Have you priced a new boat lately, they are outragous.  Why does anything near 50 feet long cost more that $500K?   You can get a good used Santa Cruz 70 racing boat for about $250K, why?

enough randomness for now.



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