New bloggers

Here are a few of my friends that have started blogging:

Mikeo (MSDN manager)

 Shawn Travers

I read an article yesterday in the wall street journal how blogging has become mainstream.  It's amazing.

I have been in Redmond all week in Developer meetings for the world wide team.  It is very interesting on the different issues for programmers and marketing, selling to programmers around the world.  It makes me glad my job is US focused, but it is still very interesting.

I have a question for you:  I use a laptop, I fly almost every week. What power adapter should I get to use the power outlets on the American Airlines planes?  I will probably change laptops in a few weeks so I don't want to buy one specific to my Compaq Evo 600.   Does anyone have experience with those "flat batteries" that are thin and the size of a laptop, I have considered getting one of those but no one has experience with them.



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