Texas State Fair Blues, American Airlines old MD80’s

Yesterday was not only Columbus day, but Public Schools day at the Texas State Fair.  We got a slow start trying to get to the fair, but once we got close, parking was a mess. All of the "official" $8 parking was full. We circled for some time to try to find a close place to park with no luck.  After an hour, we gave up, calling it a day and off to other family activities.  No corny dog this year, no spending $200 on rides and the like, oh well.  There most have been 200,000 people there, we are glad we were not part of that crowd.

Then last night I took my normal flight from DFW to Seattle.  I come up here all the time for work. I only fly American Airlines when possible.  It is almost a 4 hour flight.  American always uses MD 80's for the flight. Lately, they have been using the old TWA MD80's for this route.  I hate these old planes.  No power outlets, no storage  to speak of, old seats, no bulkheads, just an old plane.  Thank goodness I was lucky enough to get upgraded to First class.  You look at the poor people flying on this plane. Cramped, packed doesn't begin to describe the mood.  As with most every flight on American, it was completely full, not an empty seat.  I was in the last row in First and we got dinner, on that old plane there is no wall between first and coach, we got dinner and coach didn't of course.  You should have seen the looks that everyone gave us as we eat our "snack".  I fly so much it's just such a pain to be part of this kinda flight, no one is happy.

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