Another Postal Mystery.

Back in the middle of September I ordered an accesory for my new HP6315 phone.  It was a USB connector with a car charger option. Great way to connect my new PDA/Phone to my laptop or charge it from the car.  BoxWave promptly shipped my order and the USPS tried to deliver it on Sept 20.  For a small $20 order they needed a signature.  I wasn't home.  I signed the notice and gave it back to the mailman for redelivery.  Two weeks later still no package.  So today I was in Denton, our closest post office(only 9 miles away), and gave them the tracking number that BoxWave had sent me.  They looked it up in the computer, yes that package should be here, but it isn't.  They checked with the carrier and see if he had it for redivery today.  Nope he hasn't seen the package.They looked all over for 30 minutes to find the package with no luck.  So basically I am stuck. I have to wait till 30 days passes then BoxWave can file a claim with the post office.  How frustrating.  So for now I have to use the wall charger to charge my phone every night.  Why do we still send packages with the postal service?

Comments (2)

  1. Ricgard Dudley says:

    Why did BoxWire check the "siganture required" box in their shipping software? That’s a for-charge option you have to specifically activate.

  2. Todd Spatafore says:

    I had UPS tell me that the apartment I lived in for 3 years didn’t exist. This was after the driver the day before left a note saying signature was required. They were good enough to deliver it to my work.

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