SharePoint 2010 Slide Libraries CAN be used in SharePoint 2016 — at least old ones

I am working with a customer who has been on SharePoint 2010 for so long they’ve now decided to skip the upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and move straight to SharePoint 2016. It’s actually not “straight” since we have to upgrade the DBs to SharePoint 2013 and then to SharePoint 2016. While doing some testing this…


Ribbon Hero 2 is now available! New and improved Ribbon Hero — where you can help Clippy move out of his mom’s basement!


Be a ribbon hero!

Okay, so this does not *directly* apply to SharePoint — which also has a ribbon interface — but it’s pretty cool. If I said there was something you can download which is a game, teaches you how to use Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 products and you can have it post your skills to Facebook…