November Power BI Update resolves FIPS issue

In October I reported, along with others ( an issue with the FIPS configuration and Power BI. I'm pleased to say that my recent testing of this on the November update showed that the issue has been resolved!

For folks who don't work in environments where they need to enforce FIPS compliance, you may never have even heard about this configuration. But for folks who do, this was a big deal since Power BI was essentially unusable.

I haven't done any exhaustive testing here, but on a machine I configured with the FIPS registry key -- HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\FipsAlgorithmPolicy Enabled to 1 -- on the October build I could not create any visualizations without an error. Once I updated that machine to the November update, the error did not appear.

That's great news for the Power BI community and a great example of how product feedback can be incorporated into the product very quickly, even when the Power BI team is already working hard every month to release new features!



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