Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science

There's an interesting new offering where Microsoft has partnered with edX to package courses into a new offering: A Microsoft Professional Degree Program.

The first instance of these I have seen is in Data Science, but I can only imagine there will be additional ones to follow soon:

This was just announced and is still in beta, but I think this will be a great way to identify coursework which, taken together, builds competency in a specific area. It's also really nice to see there's some flexibility -- for the Data Science courses there's a couple of the requirements which offer alternatives, like an Intro to R course or an intro to Python which could each meet the objective.

Since I've already worked through one of the 10 required courses, I might now be inspired to work through the others so I'll blog about that experience. I expect it will be a lot like the great experience I had with the Power BI course: A great chance to learn a topic, get hands-on experience and do it on my own schedule from anywhere with an internet connection. There is a cost for the verified certificates, but at $29 to $99 a course, that's still a reasonable cost if this content helps you build your professional skills.

Comments (2)

  1. Nour Ralsn says:

    please send me more information about Data Science Degree

    1. Kamesh Sista says:

      You should get all the details for the course here!

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