World Wide Importers — your new “Adventure” for data reporting

One of my colleagues let me know that Adventure Works -- the SQL database so many demos are built on -- is now replaced with a new database now that SQL Server 2016 has released:

If you're like me, you are probably a little tired of seeing the same demos with Adventure Works for SQL Server Reporting Services, but at least you knew something about the structure of the data and learned a little bit about what goes into selling bicycles. So the good news is there's a whole new set of data, but there are also some old friends like "Tailspin Toys" buried in there.

It's also a great source for creating Power BI reports, like this one as you explore the data and try to make sense of it.



This might also be a great way to learn how to use the Data Insights in the Power BI service. If you haven't looked at this before, it's a way to have Power BI take a look at your data and try to figure out something interesting about it, like in the screenshot below.

Here's the link to the new World Wide Importers database:





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