What will my SharePoint 2010 Slide Libraries Look Like in SharePoint 2016?

I was happy to report earlier that I was successful in testing 2010 Slide Libraries upgraded to SharePoint 2016.  I wanted to add some screen shots here to let you know what to expect.

Remember, of course, that you’ve not really “solved” the problem of Slide Libraries: You cannot create new slide libraries in SharePoint 2016, and PowerPoint 2016 has no idea what a Slide Library is so you cannot publish new slides to an existing library. But if you’re working with a customer who hasn’t yet adopted using simultaneous editing for presentations and insists on bringing slide libraries along to SharePoint 2016, you should know what to expect.

Here’s a screen shot of a SharePoint 2010 library which has been successfully moved to SharePoint 2013 (database attach), upgraded to SharePoint 2013 view, then moved to SharePoint 2016 (database attach):

slide library in 2016 site

Not all that exciting, but sometimes that’s the best result – you keep the data you wanted and maybe the users don’t even notice that much of a change.



Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Glenn says:

    In my testing, the Slide Libraries did upgrade, but the existing slides cannot be updated and new ones cannot be published. Is this the expected behavior?

    1. Daniel — that’s wasn’t what I saw, but I will test again to make sure. Maybe I was just happy to see the content there, but I thought I was able to use PowerPoint 2013 and publish new slides. When I tested with Office 2016 I couldn’t publish new slides. I will test again and post an update.

      1. I just tried again: From PowerPoint 2013 I was able to edit existing slides and publish the changes. I was also able to publish new slides. Were you testing with a different Office Version? Did you get any errors when you tried to publish?

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