Free training on Power BI on Edx

If you’re looking to ramp-up on Power BI, as I’ve been doing recently since it’s a powerful new tool which will eventually have some great integration points with SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services, there’s a free course available on EdX: I’ve recently been through the most recent version and apart from seeing some…


Free e-book on Power BI

I wanted to pass on a new resource I just learned about, a free e-book on Power BI: I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet but will post my thoughts when I do!


World Wide Importers — your new “Adventure” for data reporting

One of my colleagues let me know that Adventure Works — the SQL database so many demos are built on — is now replaced with a new database now that SQL Server 2016 has released: If you’re like me, you are probably a little tired of seeing the same demos with Adventure Works for…


What will my SharePoint 2010 Slide Libraries Look Like in SharePoint 2016?

I was happy to report earlier that I was successful in testing 2010 Slide Libraries upgraded to SharePoint 2016.  I wanted to add some screen shots here to let you know what to expect. Remember, of course, that you’ve not really “solved” the problem of Slide Libraries: You cannot create new slide libraries in SharePoint…


Office Online Server – Where’s my identity?

Ran into a speedbump while configuring a new Office Online Server for a SharePoint 2016 farm and wanted to share the solution I found from a colleague: If you are running Windows Server 2012 R2, you will find that this is a feature you enable, not an download from a KB article. When you kick…