Stuff IT Janitors Say

While looking at the SharePoint Logs: “How did General Gatherers get access to my SharePoint site? Do we even have a General Gatherers in this command?” “This is not a technical book, the whole first few pages is something about families and thank yous” “Maybe we should check the Transition logs on SQL” I already…


Your own SQL BI Demo

If you are as excited as I am about new features for SharePoint 2010 and business intelligence, you’ll want to check out this publicly available BI Demo Site:


PowerPivot helps you understand the US Debt

Whether you subscribe to the Hamiltonian theory of the need to run a deficit to have an effective government or not, there’s an interesting set of data about the US National Debt which you can look at with Excel Power Pivot: Ideally you would run a power pivot display connected to a dataset…


Power View for Everyone

——– Update November 2015: Looks like the links to the PowerView reports are no longer functional. I'll see if I can find a replacement ————– Really pleased to see there's a SharePoint Claim-Enabled site available to anyone with a Windows Live ID to experience how cool Power View reports are: That's the link to…


Your own demo image for SharePoint

Learn by doing Like many people, I can learn about SharePoint from reading blogs or discussion board or technet. But I find I really don’t understand well until I have a chance to run my own installation of SharePoint. But I know for some folks this is a tough thing to setup — you need…


SharePoint as a 4 step program

I could probably come up with more than 4 steps, but here’s a progression that may look familiar to some of you: “I’m using SharePoint because you made me” “I can find something useful in SharePoint, I guess it’s OK” “I can learn about my business from SharePoint, that’s a cool dashboard, keep up the…


Don’t be an IT janitor

Sawdust That’s what the janitor in my grade school used to solve most problems. I am sure that’s not what happens these days, perhaps only because there isn’t a wood shop with lots of sawdust as a waste product, but every so often I run across an IT staff which behaves a lot like that…