SharePoint Powershell the easy way — at least to build the commands

I really like using Powershell commands with SharePoint 2010, but I don't always remember how to put the command strings together. Ich spreche keine Deutsch, but I do understand the concept of placing the verb at the end of a sentence, unlike Powershell which leads off with the verb. But I have trouble remembering that "Identity" really means "URL", and this tool really helps you figure out how to put the commands together, and can copy them to your clipboard so you can paste the commands into the command shell:

Of course, the get-help command is always there to help you learn the commands, but this is a more visual way to see the commands. And if you fondly remember your UNIX administration days and on occasion still type "ls -a" at a command prompt by mistake like me, you can always use the alias "man" in powershell to substitute for "get-help"



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