SSRS Tech Preview with Power BI displayed in the browser

I’m a little late catching up on a great development in the Power BI/SSRS story, but this month a new Tech Preview was released which allows you to display your Power BI files in the browser: Getting started with the Technical Preview of Power BI reports in SQL Server Reporting Services As you’ll see from…


November Power BI Update resolves FIPS issue

In October I reported, along with others ( an issue with the FIPS configuration and Power BI. I’m pleased to say that my recent testing of this on the November update showed that the issue has been resolved! For folks who don’t work in environments where they need to enforce FIPS compliance, you may never…


Power BI and SSRS just became better friends!

Really exciting and long-awaited news on integrating SSRS 2016 and Power BI this week! As described on the SQL Server Product Team Blog there’s now a preview available of the new integration between these two products. What does this really mean? Well, if you’ve been working with Power BI Desktop in a place where using the…


Power BI and FIPS do not play well together

UPDATE 27 October: Here’s a workaround to allow you to use Power BI with a machine set with the FIPS registry key set. You CAN set Power BI desktop to ignore the FIPS setting but leave the registry key set. In the \Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin folder, if you edit the PBIDesktop.exe.config file and add after the…


Data science track in the Microsoft Professional Program – Now out of Beta. My First Impressions from taking the first courses

Wanted to share the good news that the Microsoft Professional Degree program in Data Science is now out of Beta: Looks like there have been a couple of changes already, including changing the timing for the courses. I started the T-SQL course and was looking to finish it before the deadline and then was…


Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science

There’s an interesting new offering where Microsoft has partnered with edX to package courses into a new offering: A Microsoft Professional Degree Program. The first instance of these I have seen is in Data Science, but I can only imagine there will be additional ones to follow soon: This was just announced and is still…


Power BI can analyze your tweets!

My colleague Sam Lester has been working on creative ways to showcase how to use Power BI. His latest post talks you through analyzing your tweet history with Power BI: It’s a nice way to answer some questions you might not have thought to ask — like which day you most often tweet. I…


Free training on Power BI on Edx

If you’re looking to ramp-up on Power BI, as I’ve been doing recently since it’s a powerful new tool which will eventually have some great integration points with SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services, there’s a free course available on EdX: I’ve recently been through the most recent version and apart from seeing some…


Free e-book on Power BI

I wanted to pass on a new resource I just learned about, a free e-book on Power BI: I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet but will post my thoughts when I do!


World Wide Importers — your new “Adventure” for data reporting

One of my colleagues let me know that Adventure Works — the SQL database so many demos are built on — is now replaced with a new database now that SQL Server 2016 has released: If you’re like me, you are probably a little tired of seeing the same demos with Adventure Works for…