Quick Tip: Back up your NTFS security permissions

Here is a simple command that you can run right now in order to save you from some down-time the next time your file system permissions get set back to the Windows defaults.  Proactively running this from time to time (think: task scheduler) can save you a lot of time and money the next time…


Quick TIP: The replication operation was preempted

This tip can help clear some confusion when you encounter the following error while forcing replication: result 8461 The replication operation was preempted Here is the output of running repadmin /showreps on a brand new domain controller: DC=contoso,DC=com    5th_Ward\ContosoDC2 via RPC    objectGuid: 5ed02b33-a6ab-4576-b109-bb688221e6e3        Last attempt @ 2008-08-21 17:51.44 failed, result 8461:   The replication operation was…


Quick TIP: Quickly verify AD replication status

It can be a little tedious to verify replication status in a large Active Directory environment via the Sites and Services snap-in.  Here is a command I use quite frequently to check the replication status of all domain controllers: REPADMIN /SHOWREPL * /CSV >showrepl.csv View the file in Microsoft Excel and perform the following filtering…


Quick TIP: Force FRS replication

For this tip you will need a somewhat newer version of ntfrsutl.exe You can grab a version out of the Service Pack 2 Support Tools download here. Beginning with the version of ntfrsutl.exe in KB 823230 we have the ability to force FRS replication to occur across site boundaries immediately instead of waiting for the schedule…


Quick Tips

I’ve added a new tag called “Quick Tips.”  These are going to be smaller posts where I offer some time-saving tip, or some other similar type of goodie. Look out for the first one soon!