Windows Server 2K8 Reviewers Guide

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This one comes at the request of several customers.  Many of you out there are trying to determine which version of Server 2008 you will deploy.  For most it comes down to deciding between two of the five major versions: Server 2008 Standard edition and Server 2008 Enterprise edition.  Given the amount of features included in the OS and all of the different versions we shipped, trying to determine what version includes what feature can be confusing. 

Fortunately we have released a very detailed treatise on this very subject in the form of a 247 page document appropriately titled, Windows Server 2008 Reviewers Guide.

Inside you will find a pretty thorough support matrix and technical nuggets like:

  • In Standard Edition you are limited to one standalone DFS Namespace. (DFS Root)  This limit does not apply to domain-based DFS implementations.

  • Cross-File Replication for DFS-R is not available in the Standard or Web editions.

  • Server Core is available in all editions except for Itanium.

  • Hyper-V is included in Enterprise, Datacenter and Standard editions as long as you don't buy the version that say "without Hyper-V"

  • TS Licensing in Windows Server 2008 now allows you to track per-user CALs

  • Still no support for Cluster (failover) in Standard Edition, but you can now have 16 nodes with the Enterprise and Datacenter editions (8 with Itanium)

Here are some screen snags taken right from the guide:

 New Features

Comparison by Server Role

2008 feature notes


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