Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my blog.  I am a Support Escalation Engineer on the Platforms After-Hours Support team.  I primarily support Windows server issues dealing with the following specialties: Setup, Cluster, Directory Services, Networking, and Performance.  Due to the odd hours that I work, almost all issues are critical and therefore 'server down' type issues.  A large majority of the problems that I see at night and am most familiar with are Active Directory, Setup, and Cluster (MSCS) issues, so my posts will most likely come from these areas. On a given night, I will work anything from a blue screen issue to Active Directory replication failures.

I have been working here as an FTE for a little over five years now. 

My plans for this blog are to provide an outlet and insight of some of our more common disaster recovery scenarios.  The majority of my posts will be covering some of the more interesting issues that I come across in my troubleshooting endeavors.  From time to time I may include something from some of my personal interests as well. 

Check back for my first technical post soon:  Active Directory user and group membership restore. 

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  1. Very Informational, Keep up the good work.

  2. Frank Patterson says:

    It was great working with you on my "server down" issue. Thanks for sending me your blog url. It will definately be one wof my weekly stops for info!

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