System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager integration with App-V 5.0 operation document

    Hi All :     System Center 2012 Configuration Manager supports the management of virtual applications that are created with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). When you use Configuration Manager to manage App-V applications, Configuration Manager takes over the management and streaming components of a typical App-V infrastructure.     When you use Configuration Manager to manage virtual applications, you…


MDOP 2012 Application Virtualization 5.0 Deployment Document

   Hi All :    This document will to show you how to implementing Application Virtualization 5.0 deployment, and how to sequence application and so on .    More information you can reference TechNet library :        Please use Adobe Reader X or above version to open.        Enjoy!   …


System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager RTM Deployment Document

   Hi All :    Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is a management solution for the virtualized datacenter, enabling you to configure and manage your virtualization host, networking, and storage resources in order to create and deploy virtual machines and services to private clouds that you have created. The VMM Self-Service Portal is no longer supported…


You Need to Know : Windows Server 2012 RTM Hyper-V SCALE FINAL…

   Hi All :    Throughout the development of Windows Server 2012, we have regularly pushed the scale boundaries as test resources and engineering schedule allowed. For example, in pushing Hyper-V scale to support up to 64 virtual processors per VM, it isn’t just replacing some static variables and retesting. There is serious engineering prowess…


System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager RTM Deployment Document

   Hi All :    System Center 2012 the first released product is Virtual Machine Manager ,  the deployment phase is very easy , but you need to pay attention about how to configure distributed Key Management .    More information , you can reference <<System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager RTM Deployment Document>>.     …


MDOP 2011 is available ! including App-V 4.6 SP1

     2011年3月11日,MDOP 2011正式发布,其中包含了微软应用程序虚拟化产品的重要更新,App-V 4.6 SP1 ,它不仅全面支持Windows 7 SP1和Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 ,并且更加易于部署与使用。      App-V 4.6 SP1中增加了一个新的序列化工具,App-V Package Accelerators ,它可以让您在抛开传统的应用程序序列化过程,更快速的序列化应用程序。      微软也提供了相关产品的 App-V Package Accelerators 工具,您可以通过该链接下载:      更多关于App-V Package Accelerators的内容,您也可以通过访问该链接获得:       在此我将会简述通过App-V Package Accelerators来快速序列化 Project 2010 的过程:      首先要部署App-V 4.6 SP1 Server 和 Sequencer ,然后下载App-V Package Accelerators 中的 App-V Package Accelerator for Microsoft Project 2010(Win7).EXE 并执行解压缩过程     …


Application Virtualization v4.6 deployment Office 2010 operations document

          Using MDOP 2010 refresh version application virtualization v4.6 to deployment Office 2010 professional plus x64 to Windows 7 client .       Enjoy!     Justin Gao     Microsoft (China) MDOP 2010 Application Virtualization 4.6 Deployment Office 2010 Operations Document.pdf


MDOP 2008 R2 Application Virtualization v4.5 Deployment Document (ESD)

Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario This document including how to deployment application virtualization 4.5 on Windows Server 2008 for ESD environment and how to configuration certificate. Made by Justin Gao Enjoy! MDOP 2008 R2-Application Virtualization v4.5 ESD 部署文档.pdf