Exchange Server 2013 RTM Mailbox H/A deploying document

   Hi all :

   This document will to show you how to deploying and creating Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox high availability solution on the Windows Server 2012.

   More details information , please reference TechNet website :

   Hope useful to you !


   Please use Adobe Reader X or above version to open. 



   Justin Gao

   Microsoft (China)

Exchange Server 2013 RTM Mailbox High Availability Deploying Document.pdf

Comments (2)

  1. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Scott:

    You can reference this new post for Pre-stage CNO for Exchange Server 2013 DAG :…/you-need-to-know-pre-stage-cluster-name-object-when-your-create-exchange-server-2013-dag.aspx

    Thank you !

  2. Scott Schnoll says:

    These instructions are incorrect and will not work, as you did not include the required step of pre-staging the CNO for the DAG.  This step is required when deploying DAGs on Windows Server 2012.

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