You Need to Know : You may encounter error code -2146498298 when SQL Server 2012 installing on Windows Server 2012

   Hi all :

   Windows Server 2012 already RTM , you may want to install more applications to the Windows Server 2012 . SQL Server 2012 is one of the most important applications!

   SQL Server 2012 need .Net Framework 3.5 and .Net Framework 4.0 ; .Net Framework 4.0 is already installed on Windows Server 2012 , so you need to installing .Net Framework 3.5 , even under the Windows Server 2012 OS.

   When you installing SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 , on Feature Selection dialog box , you can see the .Net Framework 3.5 to be turned on :

      If you Ignore this step , you may encounter Error Code : -2146498298 , like this :

      And the finally , installing failed :

       Now I use DISM command tool to check windows server features status :

       Dism / online /get-features | more

       Run this command , you can see NetFx3ServerFeatures & NetFx3 features not enable :

    Use two commands to enable these two features :

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3ServerFeatures /source:X:\sources\sxs

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /source:X:\sources\sxs

  Enable finished , you can check them again :

    You can reinstall SQL Server 2012 ,on the Feature Selection dialog box , you can saw .Net Framework 3.5 already installed :

     Continue to complete the installation.


     Enjoy !

     Justin Gao

     Microsoft (China)

Comments (3)

  1. Typewriter. says:

    Maybe that worked for you, but it sure didn’t work for me. I’m in an ocean of errors trying to install SSMS on win 2012. All I really needed to do was database access to a service account. Now, 12 hours later, I lost the database, the data and the application
    relying on it. One would think that microsoft would be able to produce something that actually worked, given the time and budget that they have. One would be gullible. Thanks for the help though.

  2. says:

    To Avoid this issue, Install dot net 1st and thn run SQL.

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