You Need to Know : PCM , a software conversion toolkit

     Hi all :

     System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is coming , Application management is very strong , user-centric management , UDA , Supersedence , Simulate Deploy ... they are so cool !!!

     However , lots of classic software like *.exe still running in our environment . So we maybe loss these new features.

     How to change this situation ?

     I will to say : PCM is good idea !

     PCM (Package Conversion Manager) is a new SC2012 - ConfigMgr feature pack , you can use it to convert *.exe software to support application management new features .

     Now , i will to show you how to use PCM convert WinRAR.exe , i created WinRAR.exe to a package , you can see we do not to convert this package :


     First , i need to analyze this package :


     Analysis completed , you can see readiness result :


      Now i will to fix this issue and convert this package :


      Click Fix And Convert , the Package Conversion Wizard is display:


      Click Next ,  Into Dependency Review page :

      Click Next , into Deployment Type page :


      Because Package is not have Deployment Type concept , so we will to create and fix this error , click Edit Detection Method , create a new deployment type :


      Create finish , click OK , the error is gone ,


     Now , you can click Summary to finish this convert :


     Click Close . Now you can see this software in Applications node :


     Click Package Conversion Manager node , you can see Package Conversion Dashboard :


     Go ahead to more effective management of your applications !

     If you need to try PCM , you can download it from .


     Enjoy !

     Justin Gao

     Microsoft (China)

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