Windows Server 2008 R2 ADDS Domain Rename Operation Document

   Hi All :

   Recently many of my friends are in consultation on Domain rename issus , so i finished a new version document that Windows Server 2008 R2 ADDS domain renaming.

   Operation is not complicated, for your reference. Hope useful for you.



   Justin Gao

   Microsoft (China)

Windows Server 2008 R2 ADDS Domain Rename Operations Document.pdf

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  1. Justin Gao says:

    Hi :
    Can you use RSAT to manage this DC ? How many DCs in your environment ?

  2. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Roshan:
    The best practice is backup all DCs system states and only keep one DC, depromo other DCs, then domain rename.

  3. Justin Gao says:

    Hi LukeJ:
    You can refer this document operating.

  4. Justin Gao says:

    Sorry Farhan , you should use Adobe Reader X or above version , and just read only! thanks !

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Justin,

    Your document require password to open. would you mind send the password to me

    Thank you

  6. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Jeff:
    From the client view, the user profile is unchanged, still use old profile.
    From the server view, please refer this document.
    Domain rename just can support Exchange Server 2003 SP1, if you have other exchange version, you need to consider cross forest migration.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you dear Justin for the confirmation that Rendom.exe tool can support now Windows Server 2012.

    Could you please give your advise on how to rename my domain from (ABCD) to ( based on my environment described above with 2 DCs 2003R2+2012?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I have a big problem. I changed the domain from to and I can´t get into the server because neither of them are recognized. (I use remote tool of windows for this). Do you know how can I solve the problem? please!

  9. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Tyler:

    The domain rename need Active Directory forest functional level at least has been raised to either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. We can't support it set to Windows 2000 native.

  10. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Antoni:

    Please use Adobe Reader X or above version to open.

  11. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Nawir:
    Are you restart DC server ? .

  12. Dear Justin,

    Does the document apply for Windows Server 2003 R2?

    I have the following scenario/environment:

    Windows Server 2003 R2 + SP2 (DC/DNS)

    – Windows Server 2012 (DC/DNS)

    – Forest/Domain Functional level Windows Server 2003.

    – FSMO (5) roles are on Windows Server 2012 DC.

    – Both DCs are in the same forest/domain (ABCD).

    No Exchange server in the environment.

    I have 85 users/computers joined to the domain.

    My domain name is created with Single Label Domain (ABCD)

    I want to rename my ABCD domain to

    Do you suggest to drop the 2012 DC first during the renaming period?

    I will ended up by only 2003 R2 to keep it simple, since 2012 is not listed by Microsoft to be supported.

    Thank you.

  13. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Nawir:
    If you ADCS server is a member server, you can domain rename without decommission.
    Please refer this:
    Domain Rename for CA Requirements:
    Management of enterprise certificates can continue during a domain rename procedure when the following requirements are in effect before domain rename:
    1.The CAs are not installed on domain controllers.
    2.As a best practice, all the CAs should include both Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) in their Authority Information Access (AIA) and certificate revocation list (CRL) distribution point extensions.

  14. Justin Gao says:

    Hi HZ: Looks your domain structure is preferred. I do not know what made ​​you do such a blocky change. Sure, you need to change root domain name firstly, then change each child domain names. I think you have lots of work need to preparation. Based on
    my experience, many of domain rename cases do not need to execution. Must have other solutions.

  15. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Mirda:

    Gpfixup Prerequisites:

    • All procedures must execute Domain Rename Instructions step, including the automatic DC reboot, must have been completed on all domain controllers in the renamed domains.

    • The domain controller with the primary domain controller emulator role in a renamed domain must have successfully completed the domain rename operation and reached the final Done state in the previous step before this step is executed for that domain.

    • The control station must have been rebooted twice at Unfreeze the Forest Configuration step

    • All procedures in Fix Distributed File System (Dfs) Topology for a renamed domain must have been completed before this step is executed for that domain.

    • All member servers in the domain that host Software Distribution Points (network locations from which users deploy managed software in your environment) must have been rebooted twice following Execute Domain Rename Instructions step. This prerequisite step is extremely important and necessary for the Software Installation and Maintenance data fix-up to work correctly

    Gpfixup Required Authorization Level:

    To perform this step, you must be a member of the Enterprise Admins group in the target forest. The access check performed at this step requires that you have write access to the gpLink attribute on the site, domain, and organizational unit objects as well as write access to the GPOs themselves.

      Hope can help you.

  16. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Kwame:
    Sure, that is not mandatory. In fact, just keep only one DC is the best practice in the real world.

  17. Justin Gao says:


    I suggest you could promote Windows Server 2003 DC that if you have not any application need to compatible this version. And then refer this document to perform.

    More information, please refer KB300684, I think it is very useful.…/EN-US

  18. Justin Gao says:


      Rendom.exe tool can support Windows Server 2012 version. Please refer…/cc732097.aspx

  19. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Rana:

    Could you send a Email to me and introduction your detail information ?

    Screenshot is the best.

  20. Justin Gao says:

    Hi LukeJ:
    Do you run Rendom.exe /upload succeed? If so, you can find DCList & DNSRecords files on the CS computer.

  21. Justin Gao says:

    Hi LukeJ:
    Yes, you need to use random.exe on the CS computer.
    please confirm CS computer have random.exe file first, if so, please run it under the X:WindowsSystem32 path.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Great ! 🙂

  23. Steve Rhodes says:

    I would like to be able to print this document, how may I do it as it's disabled the print option.

    Many thanks and a gread document.

  24. jim says:

    Nice example!

  25. Peter $ says:

    Great Document – works fine

  26. Farhan says:


    It is asking for password to open the document.

  27. Gerald Abarca says:

    Good going Justin, It is amazing to me that MS does not do enough of "Updating Documentation" – If I look for and issue related problem. I will pull up "Doc" from NT to 2003. My apologies, GREAT GOING!!!

    Ex. DNS, WINS, etc… – Well I am sure you know what I am talking about.

    Anyways, have a great day. and Thanks… Alot…

  28. Rana says:

    I am getting error when running gpfixup [The RPC server is unavailable]. Please suggest me how to resolve

  29. Mirda says:

    Hello Justin.

    I have the same problem with RPC server like Rana.

    GPFIXUP ended with error 800706ba

    Thanks for your information.


  30. Antoni Chakraborty says:


    I gote the document

    but it require Password for open it

    please send me the password in my email

    Address is

  31. Tyler says:

    Hi Justin,

    Your document states that your domain functional level must be 2008.  Can this be done on a 2003 functional level?

  32. JJ says:

    We are doing a domain rename on a server 2008 R2 domain. The documentation looks good but doesn't tell you how to proceed if you are using DNS that is NOT setup for dynamic updates. Is such a rename possible?  We are using ONLY linux DNS that is NOT configured for dynamic updating.

    So the question is: how do we get the new SRV records loaded into the linux maps. When we originally setup the domain we copied the lines from the windowssystem32confignetlogon.dns file. Does such a file get written somewhere during the rendom procedure?

  33. mike says:

    Hi Justin, can you please send me the password to open this document; my email address is:



  34. eddy says:

    hi  你好

    我想问问 装那个dfs干嘛用的。。

  35. Justin Gao says:

    Hi Eddy:

    Please refer the <<Requirements for Domain Rename>> part from this link:…/cc738208(WS.10).aspx

  36. Acme_ag says:

    As it was written above you must use Adobe reader X or later

  37. HZ says:

    Hi Justin, I am planning on renaming my Window s2008 R2 domain. However, I have a child domain where all my member servers and workstations accounts residing in. The goal is to rename the parent domain, and have the child domain name reflect the changed
    parent domain name afterward. Could you kindly advise how I should proceed? Thanks.

  38. SK says:

    Great document, Justin. Thanks for sharing!!

  39. Nawir says:

    If I have MS CA server as member domain.
    Do I need to decommision CA first before rename domain or I just rename domain without decomission CA

  40. Nawir says:

    If I have MS CA server as member domain.
    Do I need to decommision CA first before rename domain or I just rename domain without decomission CA

  41. Nawir says:

    Fist I backup SystemState of all AD
    After rename domain, I see that
    1. DNS/newdomain/Properties/SOA/Primary server still point to old domain.
    If I rename and close, it will switch back into old domain
    2. In DNS/Reverse lookup zone
    All Name server still point to old domain.
    I think it got from parent domain
    3. some of DNS/new domain _sites still have old domain record

    How to fix that

  42. Nawir says:

    I forget to do
    > netdom computername ad1.olddomain.local /add:ad1.newdomain.local
    > netdom computername ad1.olddomain.local /makeprimary:ad1.newdomain.local

  43. vivek says:

    Nic Document..but i have one query for this i am having 1 domain and 2 Domain Controller in it so then i have to run this all step on both Domain Controller…
    plz reply

  44. vivek says:

    hello nc docs

  45. Roshan says:

    Nic Document..but i have one query for this i am having 1 domain and 2 Domain Controller in it so then i have to run this all step on both Domain Controller…
    plz reply

  46. kwame says:

    I don’t think you need to demote the other AD.
    This link has also detailed most of the steps here:

  47. CJ says:

    Excellent document, perfect step by step that worked wonderfully!!

  48. Adrian says:

    awesome document , worked like a charm!! much appreciated

  49. Gopi says:

    updated file

  50. rene says:

    I followed these instructions and they worked with no glitch. Thank you very much!

  51. Jeff25 says:

    One question. For the workstations. When the users login to their PCs for the first time after the rename, will their local user profiles update with the new domain or will there be new ones created? The client is asking how this will affect the end-user.
    How will it affect the servers, we have a file server and a exchange server. Thanks!

  52. LukeJ says:

    Hi Justin, I’m scared to perform the domain rename.
    I have 2 DC 3008 r2 and my domain is single label domain, no exchange, no file server, 200 client with XP, W7 x86, w7 x64, no roaming profile.
    Can you suggest me?

  53. LukeJ says:

    I also have a lot of GPO, what I have to check before rename operation?

  54. LukeJ says:

    Thanks Justin, rendom.exe /list and the other operations, i need to do with cmd of control station?
    Cause It says rendom is not recognized as internqal or external command…
    I don’t undestand if i need to do it on DCs or CS…
    Help Please

  55. LukeJ says:

    Hi Justin,
    ok now i found rendom.exe on CS, but before I proceed i want to really undestand all.
    Fo exampe my second Dc is a Backup DC, in the file you expiain to push rename instruction to all DCs, how to do it?
    I don’t see DcList and Dnsrecords in my System32. now, I’m really afraid somethings could be wrong and would be a big problem for me.
    Sorry Justin but I’m not a guru…

  56. LukeJ says:

    Thanks a lot Justin, now I undestand but now I cannot finish the remain operations, I’ll do it soon and in case I’ll ask other things to You..

  57. Dave Kobliska says:


    I am having trouble at the step of renaming the server so that the "Full Computer Name" matches the new domain. When I click on "Change Settings" I don’t have the option of changing the domain name part of the name. That part is greyed out. I can only change
    the first part of the name. Your document doesn’t seem to address how to accomplish this step specifically. Please advise.


  58. Karl says:

    Thanks for this great post. Tried this today and had only minor issues. A few servers had trust relationship failed and had to be rejoined. Otherwise, it worked great.

  59. wem says:


    can you send me the password for the pdf?

    thank you

  60. Savvy Xeus says:

    I have a single DC with no option for a control station, can i still follow the steps on the DC directly which is getting the domain renamed ?

    1. Justin Gao says:

      Hi Savvy :
      No, you must need a standalone server (physical or virtualization) to hold control station role.

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