SC Essentials 2010 is Released to Manufacturing


YES! It is finally here!

We are very excited to announce the RTM of SCE 2010.

Our original SCE 2007 brought many enterprise management technologies to midsized organizations, almost three years ago. To that end, we provided a unified console that gave you the embedded knowledge of Management Packs (MP’s) and easy to deploy software and system updates.

We followed that up with SCE 2007 Service Pack 1, which continued the journey. And we heard very clearly that midsized companies were ready to start taking advantage of virtualization, as a way to reduce costs and scale up your capabilities without scaling out your infrastructure. So, System Center created a workgroup edition of Virtual Machine Manager and we sold it as a bundle, alongside SCE 2007 SP1.

Staying true to our vision of continuing to make IT Management easier for midsized organizations, we have continued to enhance our the reporting, monitoring, deployment and update capabilities and added virtualization management and deployment within SCE.

SCE 2010 truly delivers unified physical and virtual management within a single experience that has been optimized for your needs, as midsized organizations. Some of the big enhancements include:

Awareness and delivery of only the MP’s that you need, so you have exactly what you need to monitor and report on what is in your environment -- not too much (noise) and not too little (insight).

Intelligent filters and customizations for software deployment, so we only attempt to install packages on machines that are suitable to receive them.

Optimized software updates, again pulling only what is needed for your environment.

And lots of Virtualization management including:

  - Easy creation of new virtualization hosts

  - Simple deployment of new virtual machines

  - Wizard-driven migration of legacy physical servers to virtual machines, or from VMware to Hyper-V

We are really proud of SCE 2010 and believe that it meets all of the goals that you asked for in an IT Management solution in midsized organizations.

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